Governor Scott to Sign (Limited) Legalization Bill

“It won’t be a public signing, but I will be signing it,” Scott said. “I have choices. I could let it go into law without my signature, and I’m not going to go that route. I’m going to sign it, but it won’t be a public affair.

“There are people on both sides of the fence,” Scott said. “Some very happy, some are disappointed. I recognize that and I want to respect that some don’t feel this is a momentous occasion, but the main thing is I will sign it, if everything holds true to what was supposed to be in the bill.”

Scott made the comments at his weekly press conference on Thursday.

The legislation legalizes one ounce of marijuana and possession of two plants per household. It includes provisions that restrict use in public places and underage use. It does not lay the groundwork for retail sales of the drug. A report to be issued in December examines a tax and regulatory framework for a retail market.

Attribution to  Anne Galloway at VTDigger