Client Services

Greener Mountain Consulting works with our clients to determine their preferred method of legally procuring cannabis. We offer a number of additional services, which are customized to meet their individual needs.

Clients who: lack previous experience cultivating cannabis, cannot commit to taking on a new, three-months-long part-time job, cannot (or do not want to) wait the three months it will take to harvest their medicine, or do not have the adequate premises (as required by the state) to cultivate for themselves, will be advised to designate their nearest dispensary (or an individual cultivator from our caregiver network), as their cannabis provider.


Designating your dispensary

This is a relatively straightforward process. Currently there are only four dispensaries in the state of Vermont. Their locations are listed here and, as you can see, patients across the state do not have equal access. If a client chooses to designate a dispensary as their cannabis provider, we expect that we will (typically) advise them to register with whichever one is closest to their residence.

A Vermont compliant grow

A Vermont compliant grow

Growing your own

This is a daunting task. Vermont has a number of restrictions in place, which further complicate the art of cultivating medical grade cannabis. Remaining fully compliant can be challenging- so we advise and inform our clients of the law, as well as any changes to it. We are happy to offer private grow-op consulting to our clients, once they have been accepted into the VMR.

After July 1, 2018, we will help any adult in need of cultivation assistance- including gifting tested, VT-acclimated strains.


Designating a Caregiver

If you are a patient who cannot afford dispensary prices, and can't cultivate cannabis yourself, then we can put you in contact with our extensive network of medical cannabis growers. Once designated, a caregiver may legally grow a patient's medicine, assist in its dispensing, and may transport cannabis on their behalf.